To My Father on His Birthday by Kathleen Ward

To My Father on his Birthday

My father died on the 6th of October 1998. I miss him very dearly.  Life was very easy when he was here.  I could talk to him and tell him things.  He was there for us.  I am on my own with the children.  That was the saddest day that I ever knew when God called Daddy home.  I know that he is gone from me and it is not the same but I go to his grave once or twice a week and I can talk to him.  I know that he cannot answer me but I get a sense that he is there.  I would never forget him as he was such a good father to us.

My mother is nearly back to herself.  She misses him very much, they were fifty-two years married.  The  16th  of May would have been his 73 rd birthday.

Hopefully, I will be moving into my house in August or September and he would have liked that.  My mother is getting a house as well.  We have lived all our lives in a trailer.  The house will be nice for the children.  They will have their own bedrooms and running water.

In God’s hands, you rest above

In our hearts, you rest with love

No more tomorrows for us to share

But yesterday’s memories will always be there

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