CottageI felt excited as I ran up to the door, I said this is my house now. I got the keys and went in and started to look around. I looked in all the cupboards and unpacked the boxes.  

It was very cosy in the house. There were two chairs and a stove and a small kitchen. There was a small room to sleep in, with wooden floorboards and logs in the fireplace. There were a few flowers and chicks out in the garden. The gate squeaked and there was a dog barking. 

I started to clean the house. I couldn’t wait to do loads to it. I planned to hang some pictures of the family and put old pottery on some of the shelves. I would have an old table made of wood and I would have another table in my back garden with flowers on it. I would hear the birds in the morning when I would be doing some food in my kitchen and sitting out in the back garden. The stone wishing well in the garden had been there for years and seemed to be from another time. It was a magical place. 

After I got settled in and did some cooking, the kitchen was full of the smell of baked bread on the stove. The taste was lovely. 

Now everyday I hear the birds in the woods, pecking at the trees. I feel at home and cosy with my pot of tea and my bread on the board. 


The Old Cottage House – Drag the Words