The Lockdown Announcement by Mary L

HospitalWhen Leo Varadkar announced the lockdown of Ireland March 2020 I was waiting on news of one of my daughters, as I found out she was to go into hospital for an operation. I was devastated as when she went into hospital for her operation, we were all in lockdown. I could not be with her during or after her operation. My stress levels were through the roof. Also, my other daughter is a nurse who I was also stressed about. She not only had to do her normal day duties, but she was on call for a few days because of the virus. My heart was broken as I was terrified she would get the virus as a lot of the nurses and doctors did get it.  

So, between worrying about one daughter having an operation and the other daughter being safe it was very stressful. I also then had to clean and wash more than ever as my daughter who is a nurse was afraid she would give the virus from the hospital to me and her Dad. Its so frightening but thank God we are all ok. I just hope there will be a cure found soon for all and the country can start to build itself up again.