The Covid Pandemic by Angela G

covidHere we go again. A partial lockdown. Don’t get out much anyway but feel very nervous and restricted when I do go out! I hope it doesn’t go into full lockdown! I don’t know how people are coping with this mental stress. It feels like we are all living on a different planet, people have a lot going on in their lives, this pandemic just adds more pressure. If you live on your own it is very isolating and lonely. You can’t have all your family together or hug your grandchildren Maybe if everyone stuck to the rules the lockdown wouldn’t be as severe! 

Coláiste Dhulaigh has put in place different ways of keeping in touch if you can’t be there physically. They have set up zoom apps and email so we, the students can keep in touch. Thank you to all. 

The one good thing about the pandemic is that people have to slow down and are exercising more and not getting stressed about the small things in life. Dublin reminds me of a time in the 50’s-60’s when life was at a slower pace, there wasn’t as many cares flying about and people weren’t as materialistic.  

Also, the media has a large part to play in putting fear into people. Every time you switch on the television or radio, they are reporting all the latest figures. I try and only watch the six o’clock news! 

Hopefully, they will find a vaccine in the next several months. Stay Safe. 

Angela G 

Oct 2020