Session 4 - Gratitude


Gratitude is noticing and being grateful for the small things in life.

Watch this short inspirational video – Pay it forward.



When we practice gratitude, we really start to enjoy the little things in life. Sometimes we take these things for granted and forget about the little moments that make us so happy.

Maybe it was that first sip of your tea this morning or humming along to a song on the radio. Or noticing how the bulbs are poking through the ground just waiting to flower.

Benefits for practising gratitude have been shown to:

  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • improve sleep
  • boost your mood
  • strengthen your immune system

We should try to think of 3 things we are grateful for each day. It could be comforts like a warm bed or a tasty meal.

It’s amazing what you notice when you focus on feeling grateful.

Enjoy these moments, take your time, and let the feelings sink in. When things are tough these little moments of goodness become very important.



Try It OutTry It Out

As a practice to take time and be grateful, try this fun activity.

Gratitude Paper Chain

  • Cut some strips of coloured paper (if you don’t have coloured paper, you can use any kind of paper and use different colour markers / pencils, etc).
  • Write something you are grateful for on each strip.
  • Make a ring with the first strip using glue or tape to stick the ends together.
  • Next thread another strip through the first to make a second ring.

Keep going to make a chain


Paper Chain


The Five senses

Use your senses to practice gratitude and mindfulness. Everyday try to think of 1 thing you are grateful to see, hear, taste, touch, and smell.

Try this exercise anytime, but especially when things are a little tough and we need to be reminded of the small moments of happiness.

Try keeping a gratitude diary. Each day write down 1 thing you are grateful for. You can read it whenever you need a lift.



Take some time out to listen to this Meditation for Gratitude.