Watch this video clip which explains online learning – What is Online Learning from the West Chester University.

This video will explain the benefits of e-learning for students who use it.


Here are some statements about the internet and questions for you to think about.

You can jot down some ideas that you have. Remember that there are no wrong answers.

1. ) E-learning or “electronic learning” is an umbrella term that describes education using electronic devices (laptop, computer, phone, tablet) and digital media (pictures, videos, audio, text).

What device do you use for e-learning?

2. ) E-learning covers everything from traditional classrooms that use technology to online classes. You are e-learning right now!

How are you getting on with e-learning? Does it suit you?

3.) As a result of the COVID 19 pandemic all schools and colleges had to switch to e-learning.

Do you know anyone else who uses e-learning?

i will teach you

Try It OutTry It Out

Take a look at the exercise below.

Drag and drop the answers to learn about the pros and cons of e-learning


There are many different e-learning resources available freely online.

Here is a small selection of what is on offer.

You can click on the icons to the left or on the links included below to visit various other websites.

CDETB Coolock Darndale ALSThe website you are currently using is created by Coolock Darndale ALS, which is part of the Adult Education Service at City of Dublin ETB.

It offers a learning hub to our students. We have weekly lessons on IT, History, Mindfulness and more.

You can visit other lessons at: www.CoolockALS.ie/Learn-Here/

Typing.comTyping.com is a website that teaches you how to touch type, you can create an account a keep track of your progress: www.Typing.com

NALAWrite On is a website offered by NALA that allows learners to gain QQI qualification at levels 2, 3 & 4 from home: www.WriteOn.ie

OdlumsOdlums have a website full of recipes to help you learn to bake at home: www.Odlums.ie

Skills WorkshopSkill Workshop is an online resource for learning functional and life skills. It covers Maths, IT, Literacy and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages):  www.SkillsWorkshop.org

RTE Home School HubRTE have a Home School Hub to help parents home school their children: www.RTE.ie/learn/Home-School-Hub/

Youtube LogoYoutube also offers a large variety of “how to” videos on almost every subject you can think of from musical instruments to gardening. Visit and search for the subject that interests you: www.YouTube.com/