Session 3 - Electricity


The Doc on One podcast is an award-winning RTE documentary series with documentaries as old as 1954.

This episode, Then There Was Light, tells “tales of fear and hope, love and loss” as electricity was brought to rural Ireland in the 1950s.

Click the link here to listen to this episode:

doc on one logo


Having listened to the podcast , think about the questions below.

You might like to write down the answers.

1. When and where was the first electricity pole erected in rural Ireland?

2. What country, other than Ireland, did many of the electricity poles come from? How were they transported to Ireland?

3. List 3 sources of information you think the documentary makers used in making this podcast.

4. List 2 facts mentioned in the podcast.

5. Describe one funny story mentioned in the podcast.

Photo: ESB Archives

old van and people outside a thatched cottage


Can you remember a time, as a child or an adult, when you got a new electrical appliance for your home? Did it change your way of life? Write a few sentences explaining your answer.


You can click on the link below to visit the ESB Archives website and see some old black and white photos that have been colourised.

old truck with men standing beside it

Photo: ESB Archives

old truck with men standing beside it

Photo: ESB Archives