I would start to plan this holiday in late December 2004.  We had decided to go on holiday to Turkey in 2005.  It was paid for by the end of January 2005 and then we got the spending money together for over there. 

It was when we got over there, I spent my time going between the hotel staff and a family of five people from Ireland, whom were deaf.  I went in between both parties because I could do the Irish Sign Language.  At the time, I felt great by doing sign language. 

It was nearly time for the Irish family to go home, when the hotel manager came over to me to have a chat with me.  The job was to do with the Irish Sign Language, I would start at 7am and would not finish until the last person would go to bed at night.  The pay would be €200 per month!  It would take more than that to get all my stuff over and to live over there!  I said ‘no way,’ because I would get paid for that for an hour at home. 

The manager even showed me a leather jacket made for a big man, just like myself.  I had to show it off, but he wanted me to pay €200 for the leather jacket.  I went down town with my wife and we got two leather jackets made for €200 for both of them.  I showed the manager the two leather jackets made for €200 and I had €50 to spend on whatever we wanted. 

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