homeschoolingWhen I was home schooling my two grand daughters they were sitting at the kitchen table doing their school work. They were giggling, they were sitting beside one another. One is 9 and the other is 4. 

 The 9-year-old was writing with a pencil, the 4 your old was messing and fell on top the 9-year-old. I was sitting on the couch, the 4-year-old came crying to me. I asked her what was wrong. She said, “My sister stabbed me in the eye with her pencil”. I said, “What is going on here?”. The 9-year-old said, “She fell on my pencil and it went in her eye” The 4-year old’s eye was fine – I told them both to be friends. It took a while! 

I did not enjoy home schooling – I found it very stressful. I am awfully glad they are back in school with their teachers where they belong. I mind them after school and enjoy my time with them. 

Home Schooling Super Nanny – Fill in the missing words