Granny by Margaret J

GrannyGranny is a lovely lady and she is a very strong lady.  I remember when my sisters and I were small we would take turns to stay with my granny.  She would make very strong tea and put lots of butter on our bread.

When my granny was young she met my grandfather.  His wife was dead and he had four children.  Years later they got married.  Granny and grandfather had nine children.  Then grandfather died, years later she married for a second time. Her new husband and herself had another son.  Soon after her second husband died.

She still has all her family around her, even her grandchildren, great grandchildren and her great great grandchildren and they all call her Granny.  She still worries about her sons and daughters because she lost a son when he was very young and this had a huge effect on her.

She had a stroke two years ago and was very sick but she recovered.  Afterwards she was a bit slow on her legs.  She recently fell out the door of her trailer and banged her head.  Two weeks later she went to hospital and had a very serious operation.  She is slowly recovering. She is 82 years old and I would miss her if she was gone.