Footprints in the Sand: A Book Review by Rita Nugent

Footprints in the Sand

Footprints in the Sand by Jim Carey

A Book Review

This story is about a girl called Linda Carey who was an actress.  The group she was in was doing a play in Devon and she was staying with her aunt and uncle who had a hotel there.

Linda had red hair, freckles and grey eyes, which ran in her family.  There was a painting in the hotel of one of her distant relations called Lucy Carey that looked exactly like Linda.  Her uncle Bob told Linda that Lucy had lived alone in the house with her father.  In 1780 she fell in love with one of the servants called Thomas Randal.  They used to meet in secret in a cave on the cliff.  Her father didn’t like this.  Lucy and Thomas planned to run away together.  Her father found out and followed her to the cave.  After that night the lovers were never seen again.  Everybody thought they must have drowned.  Now the cave is called Randal’s cave.

Del Burton, a young newspaper reporter was also staying at the hotel.  He was doing a story about missing redheads.  Linda met a man called Martin on the beach.  She spent all her free time with him and soon thought she was in love with him. Martin was very strange. Nobody else ever saw him and he didn’t want to see anybody only Linda.  Del Burton was also in love with Linda.  Del was worried because he read stories in old newspapers about missing redheads. One day Martin brought her to Randal’s Cave.  In the cave, Linda got very frightened because the seawater was coming in on her and Martin called her Lucy and said they would be together forever.

Linda was saved just in time by Del and the coastguard.  Martin disappeared because he was a ghost.

I thought the book was very good.

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