Corona Virus A New Way of Life by Rita N

Corona virus

Now when I go to the shops I have to queue and keep my distance – It’s a new way of life! 

I bring my gloves and mask to the shops because there are sometimes lots of people around.  The mask irritates my breathing and sometimes makes me panicky and confused.  If I forget something in the shops, I have to queue again which is a nuisance.   

When I meet my friends outside, we must keep a distance between us and shout over at each other.  It is very difficult to have a private conversation but there is less gossiping which is a good thing.  I work in a crèche.  I miss my job and all the children and staff I work with.  In my room, we had 10 kids and 4 staff so I don’t know how it will work when we reopen.  I am not sure if I will be able to go back.

The hairdressers are all shut but I don’t miss them, my family does my hair.  I tried to cut my own fringe because it was in my eyes.  I made a mess of it, thankfully my sister fixed it for me in my back garden.  I had to wear a mask for her to do it, it looks great now.

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