The Best Team in the World by Peter

The Best Team in the World By PeterMy favourite sport is soccer and the team I have followed all the time is Leeds United.  They have done very well under manager David O’Leary.  It is his first season with them.  They are a very young side and are showing great promise at the moment.  They are lying fourth in the league tables.  They have lost their last six matches, but hopefully they will win against Turkey.  This will be played at Ellend Road, I would love to go over to see them play Manchester United and beat them.

David O’Leary played for Arsenal for nineteen years and at the same time he was on the Irish International Team.  He won sixty eight caps for the Republic of Ireland.  He was Ireland’s hero during the World Cup in 1990, which was played in Italy.  He scored a famous penalty against Romania resulting in us to win the game.  I am looking forward to next season when the young players have matured and will be playing even better than at present.