Our Christmas Wedding by Madeline

Our Christmas Wedding by MadelineOn Wednesday myself and my husband and family went off to the Isle of Wight in the south of England for a wedding.  The wedding was to take place the following Saturday at 3.30 pm.  It was so nice to spend a few days before the wedding with my son and his wife.  I had the job of decorating the altar with the flowers.

The bride was dressed in a green wedding dress and the bridesmaid was dressed in a lighter shade of green.  There were fifty seven guests at the reception and we all stayed at the hotel where the wedding took place. The hotel was lovely with beautiful views over the bay and lots of boats all around.

In two weeks’ time, my son and his wife are coming home to Ireland to tour around for their honeymoon.  We are all looking forward to seeing them again as they both are living in England and it is seldom we get to see them.