Session 7 - Folklore Part 2 - FAIRIES


Eddie Lenihan has been collecting and telling Irish folktales for over 40 years.

He has spent that time listening, talking to, and recording older people as they tell their tales of old Ireland and the supernatural, especially fairies. He has shared these stories with us through his books, television shows, talks and now through his podcast – Tell Me A Story.

Click here to listen to an episode where Eddie tells us about fairies.

Eddie Lenihan – Tell Me A Story – Fairies

Man with beard telling a story


Having listened to the podcast , think about the questions below.

You might like to write down the answers.

1. What does Eddie say fairies look like?

2. Name one way Eddie says you can anger a fairy?

3. What does the banshee do for Irish families?

4. When should people stay in their homes to avoid dangerous fairies?

5. What does the fairy wind do?


Do you know of a fairy or banshee story?

Write down the story and who you heard it from.

Open notebook and pen on grass



Click the link here to visit Eddie Lenihan’s website where you will find out more about Eddie and folktales.

EddieLenihan website