Session 5 - Music & Biographies


Desert Island Discs is a BBC Radio 4 programme and podcast. It has been broadcast since 1942.

Each week a guest is asked to choose 8 pieces of music, a book and a luxury item they would bring with them if they were castaway on a desert island. Each piece explains a part of their life.

In February 2021 actress Sophia Loren was in the hot seat.

Click the link here to listen to this episode:

BBC4 – Desert Island Discs – Sophia Loren episode

BBC4 Desert Island Discs


Having listened to the podcast , think about the questions below.

You might like to write down the answers.

1. What is the name of the podcast and who presents it?

2. Each week the guest tells the story of their life in an unusual way. Describe this.

3.  What age is Sophia Loren?

4. Do you think Sophia Loren has led an easy life as a Hollywood actress?

5. What book and what luxury item would Sophia take with her to her desert island?

2 image of sophia loren - young and old


Try to write out or draw a timeline of Sophia Loren’s life, using key moments and dates she mentioned in the podcast.

Use the template to the right as a guide or click here to have a look at a timeline created by students in our history class in 2018 about key events that led to the Irish War of Independence: 

template of a timeline


Click on the link below to see the trailer for Sophia Loren’s latest film.

Click on the link here to see the trailer for a film Sophia Loren starred in during the 1950s.