Our Top Money Saving Tips by Managing Your Money Class – 2018

  1. Buy less – only buy what you need, not what you want! Shop around to find the cheapest products. Don’t just buy in the nearest shop.  Compare prices from a few places before you decide where to buy.
  1. Turn off the lights and the heat in rooms you are not using. Use a night saver plan to get cheaper electricity at night. Only run the tumble dryer or washing machine at night.
  1. Use our city’s free resources such as museums, parks, beaches to have a free day out!
  1. Don’t let other people use your phone, especially kids! Put a parental lock on smartphones to stop kids from buying games that cost money.
  1. Save throughout the year for Christmas by joining a Christmas Club, putting a deposit on goods and paying off the cost over time or by putting money onto a Smyth’s Toy Gift Card each month.
  1. Buy things in advance or ‘off-peak’. Going to the cinema, going on holiday, buying Easter eggs and selection boxes can all be done cheaper if you don’t do it last minute or when most other people are buying them too.