Our First Grandchild

Our First GrandchildOur first grandchild was due in November, long before that we were getting ready for it.  I had started to knot and crochet.  I had all different coloured wool.  My daughter and her husband were looking out for names.  The time was getting near and she was leaving work so we were getting excited.

The day arrived.  She went in, we were all nervous.  We were awake all night.  I had the phone beside me waiting for it to ring. Then the moment came, Linda was on the phone herself and said, “I’ve had a baby boy.”  It was a great moment.  Later on that morning we went in to see her.  She was sitting up in bed, delighted with herself.  The baby next to her in a cot, he looked lovely.  We asked what his name was.  She told us, Karl Antony.  Her dad was delighted because Anthony is his name.  WE both held him and felt very proud grandparents.

We went home looking forward to going back in to see them that evening.  When we went back he seemed bigger in that short space of time.  He is now walking and talking and is very cute.  He seems to know everything we are saying.  It is so good watching him grow.