My trip to Costa Blanca by Yvonne Byrne – 2022

SpainMy parents and I went to Carter on the Costa.  We got a plane to Calpe, Costa Blanca in Spain.  I went with my mam and dad.  We had a drink when we got there and then checked in to our rooms.  We went to a dance class by the pool, went for a walk and then had our lunch.

That night we got ourselves ready for a meal in the hotel and then went into a big hall where the country star, Nathan Carter, was singing.  After the show we went into a small bar where we danced with Nathan.  I got a picture with Nathan and his brother, Jake.  Nathan was sitting at the next table beside my mam, dad and me.  It was one of Nathan’s fan’s birthday and Nathan came out with a cake.  The food was nice.

I got to meet some of Nathan’s fans, who were very nice.  I went swimming in the pool and in the sea.  The weather was warm.  The town was nice and the steps were painted there.  Nathan’s nan sold merchandise there and Nathan’s brother, Jake, was singing on the stage.

I saw Nathan and his band members in a pub by the beach, he said hello to me. When we went back to the hotel someone said Nathan was doing a meet and greet at 2pm.  When I met him, he said “Hello Yvonne.”

Nathan had a night off and his new country band played.  I asked him for a picture and he said “No problem, Yvonne.”  He gave me a kiss on the cheek.  I also met his family, they are very nice and friendly.  Cara was doing the lights for all the acts.

We had a tour of the town and it was lovely.  I will definitely book this again in October 2023.