My Memories of the Cinema by Mary Lester – 2020

CinemaIt was not until I met my husband and had our children that I used to go to the cinema.  I would bring my children to the cinema at the weekend to see a Disney film, or as they got older it was Beethoven the dog or Sister Act or whatever was on at the time.  Mostly things that were happy and made the children happy and laugh.  Sometimes I would cry or laugh out loud and my girls would say to me “Mam your making a show of us,” as people would be looking at me.  I could not help it – as my husband would always tell me, I even cry at Tom and Jerry the cat, ha ha!  I’m just an old softy.  When we were in the cinema we would eat popcorn, sweets and drinks.  It would be very expensive – tickets would be €6 adult and €3 child.  Then the food ranged from €3 up.  Sometimes I would bring sweets and just buy the drinks.  Now the girls are older they go by themselves and if I want to watch a film that’s not on tv I watch it on Netflix.