My Holiday

My HolidayMy birthday and anniversary are around the same time.  My husband asked me if I would like to go away to the sun for a week on our own.  I agreed and then started to feel guilty, as I would be leaving my nine year old son behind. 

We have three older children as well. My daughter Linda said she would bring him to school and he could go to his grandad’s after school.  She would then collect him and bring him home. The lads agreed they would call up to the house every night to see that things were alright.

We flew out on a Saturday evening and arrived at midnight in Puerto Rico.  We left our bags in the apartment and went out to have a look around.  Next morning we woke up to beautiful sunshine.  We had a fabulous week, it was great to be on our own as we had only ourselves to please.  We ate, drank and slept when we wanted to.  At the end of the week we were looking forward to going back home to see our children again.