A True Friend by Fiona C

A True Friend by Fiona CI was on my own for a very long time.  One day my mam was talking to our neighbour about me being on my own.  Our neighbour told my mam that she knew a friend of her mother who had a daughter in the same position and wondered could we meet up with one another.  She did not have her phone number at that time.  I was disappointed.  The following week I was given her number.  I made the first move and rang her.  She was delighted and agreed to meet up.

I invited her down for tea and to meet my family, which she did.  Later we went down the road to the local bar and had a drink while getting to know each other.  We got on very well.  Since that day we are still best of friends.  We are nearly eight years best friends and we share all our problems and we have a lot in common.