My First Day in Baldoyle by Austin OJO

I first came to Baldoyle in 2013. We left Blanchardstown. We were in a rented house there, and the landlord wanted to sell.  He gave us three months notice to move. At the time, because of the worry about finding a new home, I could not concentrate on my job.  With a wife and four children, this was very stressful for me.  I lost my job. 


When the three months were up we had to move out. The landlord came and threw our possessions out. We went to stay with a friend.  


Luckily we found a house in Baldoyle. It was our first time to live by the sea. The children had to settle into new schools and leave their old friends behind. 

It was a change to be fifteen minutes walk from the shops. I missed my friends as well, but we continued to meet them in church in FinglasBaldoyle was like a new country. Everything was different.  I know the area now and I like it. My children have settled in well. 


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