My Driving Test by Ciaran

My Driving Test by CiaranAt last the day had arrived, the day I had to do my driving test.  My mind went back to all the times I spent with my instructor, Dave, now a good friend of mine.  All the hours I spent learning the Rules of the Road, especially the road signs, in Coláiste Dhulaigh.

All the jumpy starts, all the mistakes, the two near misses that were, of course not my fault!  Now the time had come to put my new knowledge to the test.  My pre-test went off very well.  Then came the real thing.  The tester called me in from the waiting room and began asking me the Rules of the Road.  I was nervous, I knew all the answers.  Then we went out on the test route and back to the office with no talk except instructions.  Then the words I had waited and worked so hard for, “Well done, you’ve passed”.  I was over the moon.

I have not stopped celebrating since.

Exercise 1 Synonyms

 A synonym is a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase.  For example Arrived Reached

Word Synonym

Choose the synonym to match the word from the following list.

Journey Easy Teacher Mainly Begin

Exercise 2 Antonyms

An antonym is a word opposite in meaning to another. For example Bad Good

Word Antonym

Choose the antonym to match the word from the following list.

Enemy Include Future False Silence