My Dog Star by James Murphy

In April 2018 I got a puppy. I got her in Galway from my Mam’s nephew. She is a Maltese dog and her name is Star.

She is all white with a little black nose. Her fur is soft and fluffy. Maltese dogs are friendly and fun.

I mostly bring Star for a walk in the morning and every evening.

She likes to go out for a walk, I bring her around the block in Artane, where I live. Sometimes I bring her to the park.

She lies in front of the fire and when it gets too hot she moves away from the fire into the centre of the floor. Later she goes to her own house out in the garage where she sleeps.

Sometimes Star puts her paws on my legs, stretches her back and looks for me to play with her.

I keep the lead on the back of the chair and when my dad knocks it down she knows she is going for a walk.

My mam says to my dad “stop teasing her!”

Star likes to be brushed. When we try to brush her back she rolls over to get her belly brushed and tickled. 

Star needs to have her hair trimmed and washed. She also has to have her nails clipped and her ears cleaned.

She likes to sit looking out the window to see if I am coming home and she barks if she hears someone knocking at the door.

Star barks at the television if she sees dogs or cats.

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