My Dog by Mary

My Dog by MaryI have a dog called Jess.  The other night my husband put the dog to bed.  He forgot to lock the back door.  Jess opened the door and came into her basket.  My daughter came in and the dog barked.  She came upstairs to let us know she was home.  I left Jess in that night.  The next morning she would not get out of her bed because she had wet her bed.  Just like a child when they wet the bed, they won’t get out.

My Dog by Mary – Cloze Exercise

Exercise 1

Cloze exercise Fill in the missing words from the story.

I _________ a dog called _________.  The other _________ my husband put the _______ to bed.

He forgot to _________ the back door.

Jess _____________ the door and came ___________ her basket.

My ______________________ came in and the dog _________________.

She ________ upstairs to let us ___________ she was home.

I left Jess in that ____________________.

The next _____________________ she would not get out of her bed ________________ she had wet her bed.

Just like a ____________when they wet the__________, they won’t get out.

Exercise 2

Put the following words into sentences:

Night ___________________________________________________________________________ 

Basket ___________________________________________________________________________ 

Stairs ___________________________________________________________________________ 

Child ___________________________________________________________________________

Barked ___________________________________________________________________________