My Dinner by John Mc Evoy

Soup definitely is my favourite starter.

Mushroom soup is the one I’d rather.

I’d drink cuppas like my Father.

3, 4, 5, cups it does not matter

There are all different types of food.

Have your favourites or what takes the mood.

Eat with your mouth closed and don’t be rude.

Healthy eating, make sure it’s chewed.

My favourite food is curry and rice.

I really think it tastes nice.

Every week I’d have it twice,

And it is really cheap at the price

There are other things I like to eat

But chicken curry you can’t beat.

I like all different kinds of meat.

But chicken curry goes down a treat.

I eat my dinner with room for desert

Apple pie is a dead cert

There is nothing like it on Earth.

It could be hot so be alert.