My Dad’s Party by Mary W

My Mam used to say to my Dad “When you go out, do not drink whiskey!” So, it was the day of the Christmas party. My dad went with his friend to the party. He came home later that day and went to bed. My mam told us to check on him, I went in to check on him in the room. He was unconscious but I thought he was dead and I ran down the stairs crying. My brother ran upstairs, jumped on him, and banged his chest. We were all crying.  

We called the ambulance and me and my brother went to the hospital in the ambulance with my Dad. My Mam stayed at home with my brothers and sisters. Me and my brother were in the waiting room when the nurse came out and said, “There is nothing wrong with your Dad – he is chasing a nurse around the bed!”

I don’t know how we got home. I can’t remember anything after that. 

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Wordsearch: My Dad’s Party

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