Here’s to my kids

that are driving me mad 

If they’re not careful 

things could turn bad 

Their room is a mess 

I couldn’t care less 

They’ve lounged and they’ve munched 

while I’m totally bunched 

They lurk around 

not making a sound 

They wait till I’ve gone 

And in the kitchen 

I hear them bitchin’ 

All of the goodies 

stuffed into their hoodies 

Even the bread 

is taken to bed 

Then come the drinks with 

bottles galore, there’s poor 

me flaked out on the floor 

The fridge is empty 

the presses are bare 

Whoever ate… better beware 


They sleep all day 

awake all night 

This house, ‘tis a wonderful sight 

Homework’s … a joke!! 

they need a good poke 

The washing’s a pile 

can be seen from a mile 

The dog’s insane 

probably in pain 

from all the fuss 

If only I could put 

them on a bus 


But it’s all good 

all good, I say from the floor 

wishing for an open door 

I’m fine, I’m fine 

Wonderful, they are 

all mine. 

Months of Glory, Here’s the Story – Wordsearch