Changes within the Year 2020 By Evan

KicboxingLast March, St. Patrick’s weekend actually our lives changed all of a sudden.  This as we all know was because of the Corona Virus Pandemic.  What was normal has now changed. 

Suddenly I could not go to my Kick Boxing club and I miss that a lot.  The lads from the Kick Boxing Club ring me and keep in touch to check on how I am doing.  It makes me feel good when they ring me. 

My one to one classes in Colaiste Dhulaigh had to change too.   I could not go into the college on a Tuesday morning to work with my tutor. Now I work with her over the phone for an hour on a Tuesday morning.  It is different but it is good and I am enjoying it. One thing that did not change was my Tuesday night computer class.   I am very happy that this computer class is still happening in the college.  I love going in.  It is so nice to meet the other people who go to the class. 

Like so many other people I had no holiday this year.  Christmas is only a few weeks away and that will also be different.  We may not be able to the things we always do at that time of year. 


But the good news is that a new vaccine is coming out and that will hopefully change things for the better. 

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