Dublin Learning City Festival 2021 CDETB

Welcome to Dublin Learning City Festival 2021 at CDETB Coolock Darndale ALS.

This year, we can’t be in buildings but we can be together online. Join us to celebrate with your online Learning Neighbourhood. We invite you to take the plunge!

Maybe you have never ventured into Zoom before, where all our events are taking place this year. Take a look at some of the guides below to help you get started.

If you need some help, you can call Fionnuala on 087-1902479 or Rosaleen on 01-8487172.

Dublin Learning City Festival 2021Events

Click on the links below for more details and to book your place.

All events this year take place on Zoom. You can find out more about using Zoom below, or telephone Rosaleen on 01-8487172.

Creative WritingCreative Writing for Beginners

Mon 22nd March, 11:30am-1pm

Join our group of novice writers on this online class and get your creative juices flowing. Your tutor, Joanne, will guide you through some fun activities and tips to get started on your creative journey.

Let your imagination run wild!

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CDETB Coolock Darndale ALSLiteracy Awareness Workshop

Tue. 23rd March, 12 noon – 1pm

In this Literacy Awareness workshop you will learn about the literacy landscape in Ireland 

We will look at how we can better recognise literacy needs and how we can be more literacy friendly. 

There will be hands-on activities and tools to take away. 

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Try-A-ZoomZoom for Beginners

Wed. 24th March, 10am-11am

What is Zoom and how do I get started 

Join us to learn to use Zoom for the first time or practice your new Zoom skills.  

Connect online with friends new and old. There will be tutors on hand to help you out if you need it. 

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The GruffaloThe Gruffalo – Story Sacks for Parents

Wed. 24th March, 10:30am-11am

Explore your creative side in this short version of our Story Sacks workshop.

Your tutor, Deirdre, will guide you and your child through everyone‘s favourite story, The Gruffalo.

We learn to make reading fun and how to make the story come to life with props and puppets.

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Marino - Building a Garden CityMarino – The Building of a Garden City

Wed. 24th March, 12 noon – 1pm

We will be joined by our guest, Rhona McCord, who will guide us through the history of the building of Marino, the first public housing scheme in north Dublin.

Rhona will explore what this development meant for the social and political landscape of 1920’s Dublin, with time for your questions at the end.

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How To Zoom


How to Zoom

This 11 minute video from Smart Simple Digital gives you:

  • A simple break-down of Zoom
  • How to get started with Zoom
  • How to join your first Zoom Meeting

Watch it in your own time and follow some of the guides below to get a better grasp of how to get started with Zoom.


This is a Beginner’s Guide to Zoom. It can be tricky to get started with new technology. Take your time. Ask for assistance.

If there is no one at home that can help get you started, you can contact your local Education & Training Board for a tutor or classes to get you up and running.

Click on your local area in the map for contact details to your nearest Adult Education Service.

Education and Training Board Adult Education Services

Getting Started

You can use Zoom if you have a:

  • Smartphone,
  • Tablet, or,
  • Laptop / Computer

Understanding your Device

“Device” is the term that we give to any piece of technology that can connect to the internet: smartphones, tablets, or laptops/computers.

The majority of devices are “Android”. This includes Samsungs, Huawei, Lenovo – basically, anything that is NOT an Apple or iPhone/iPad.

The next most used decives are Apple. If you are using an iPhone, iPad or Mac computer, it’s operating system is iOS.

Try It OutTry It Out

Before ever having to join a live session on Zoom, you can try it out all on your own by following this link: https://zoom.us/test

The first time you use Zoom:

When you receive a link to Zoom, but you have never used it before, the first thing that will happen is that you will be asked to download Zoom.

Once you have downloaded Zoom on your device, you will never have to do it again for this device.

Zoom Test

Open in Zoom Meetings:

  • Once you click on “Join“,
  • if you have already downloaded the Zoom app (details below),
  • you can choose “Open in Zoom Meetings“.

Open in Zoom Meetings


Android Smartphone or Tablet download:

You can download Zoom for your Android Smartphone or Tablet here:

Download Google Play Zoom

Laptop or Desktop Computer download:

You can download Zoom for your Laptop or Desktop Computer here:

Zoom Download Centre

Apple iPad or iPhone download:

You can download Zoom for your iPad or iPhone here:

Apple Store Zoom