Traveller Traditions

Religion and Travel

is a huge part of our culture. We have travelled to many countries such as Lourdes in France, Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rome in Italy.
Missy has stones, when you look at them you can see a face, everyone sees a different face. She got these stones from Medjugorje from where Our Lady appeared.

Halloween traditions

On Halloween we leave presents out for the fairies to bring good luck to our home. We would also play a ducking game for money & coins in water. Barnbrack – the person who got the ring would next be married.

On babies birth

In the old days, all the women of the community would pass by to help the mother and child in the first few weeks, drop food and help with existing children. It would mostly be family members.
A lucky stocking- when a child was born in a placental sack. This was good luck to a special child.
We also have a tradition to cross the new born baby’s hand with silver.