We talked, listened, cooked, and ate together. The food brought back memories.
Some talked about the old days and the old ways. Some talked about growing up and their memories of childhood.
We chatted about recipes, traditions, stories and cures with each other and put them in this book – we hope you enjoy reading about our project.

Every Monday morning from September to December 2023 a group of seventeen Traveller women from St. Margaret’s Traveller Community Association, TravAct and Pavee Point met in TravAct Coolock. With the help of City of Dublin ETB tutors and plenty of tea they put this book together.

Pavee Peck cookbook and website has been a collaborative project between the City of Dublin ETB, the HSE CHO DNCC Health & Wellbeing and Social Inclusion and Traveller Projects. It was funded by the Adult Literacy for Life (ALL) Collaboration and Innovation Fund.