ChurchyardIn a churchyard in Boho in Fermanagh.  The deceased priest Fr. James McGirr (1745-1815).  While living he had a reputation as a curing priest.  It is said that he told his parishioners –  after I die, the clay that covers me will cure anything that I cured when I was with you.  My wife who recently attended her brothers wedding in that church asked about this clay.  This is how it worksremove a piece of clay from the grave, place it in a cotton hankie, place it under your pillow and say a few prayers.  Leave it there for a few days and then place it back on the grave for obvious reasons.  There are spoons on the grave for you to scoop the clay and instructions for what to do.  Cures include: toothache, sore throats, flesh wounds, etc, etc.  It’s very Father Ted but also not a lie. 

The Holy Clay of Boho – Wordsearch