GatesI remember when the first lockdown was called.  For some reason, for the first time in years, I shut the garden gates as if it would stop and protect my family and me from getting Covid.  The first few days were quite a novelty, kids off school, nearly everything shut.  After a while it became apparent that we were in this for the long haul.  I’d say myself and the kids literally didn’t leave the house except for a bit of fresh air, exercise and a few times to the local shop. 


My wife is a front line worker in Beaumont hospital, so didn’t miss one day.  At first, we were afraid of her getting Covid or bringing it home, which thankfully to this day, she didn’t.  We were also thankful that nobody in our house lost their job.  The days seemed to drag in at first, but then it just seemed to be as if one day was just the same as the last. 


I did enjoy the calm and quietness it brought to the world, nature, I felt go a chance to flourish, the air seemed fresher.  I could hear birds singing loudly for the first time in years.  The weather was also amazing.  I hated the news which I stupidly couldn’t stop watching.  I hated the fact that so many people were dying and getting sick.  Thankfully things weren’t as bad now with the vaccine and less people dying.  I know the numbers are crazy again but I don’t think it’s as bad as last Christmas. 


I didn’t make any banana bread, I didn’t show off my bookcase on Zoom calls.  I looked out for people and helped in anyway I could.  Communities did rally which was great.  I got in touch with people I haven’t heard from in years.  I spent more time with my own family.  I started talking to my wife again and realised she’s a lovely person.  I have learned that we don’t need a lot to be happy, but I do think that most people will run straight back into the headlights when this is finally over. 

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