Sally the Sticking Plaster by Willie

My daughter, Sarah, had a small terrier dog called Lucky, who ended up not being lucky at all! One day builders were in the garden and they left the side gate open and out runs Lucky never to return to our home again. We searched everywhere and despite receiving some calls and sightings of her she never returned.

A friend of mine had some little pups for sale but when I went to get the little puppy, I spied a lovely chocolate brown pup from another litter he had. The only problem was this chocolate brown puppy was a pit bull terrier. I said nothing to anyone at home about the new puppy, which my daughter called Sally, as the puppy was small and cuddly at this stage. By the time Sally grew and became a big dog she was part of the family.

When my daughter, Sarah, left home my son, Ross took care of Sally. She follows him everywhere and he calls her “his sticking plaster”. He walks her twice a day and when he goes out on his own without her she gets upset and keeps looking around the house for him until he comes home.

I think he is stuck with Sally the “sticking plaster” for the rest of her



Worksheet: Questions – Sally the Sticking Plaster

  1. What is the name of the author’s daughter?


  1. What was the name of her first dog?


  1. How did the unfortunate dog escape?


  1. What breed was the new pup?


  1. What did Sarah call the new puppy?


  1. Who now looks after Sally?


  1. Why do you think they call her the “Sticking Plaster”?


Put these words in alphabetical order: