My Mother by Mary W.

My Mother by Mary WMy mother believed in human rights.  As a child I listened to my mother on news programmes on radio.  I also read about her in the local newspapers.  She was a Traveller woman and believed we are all equal to everyone else in the world.

There were twelve in our family and she always had time for the cause of human rights but she was still there as our mother and grandmother.  Because of my mother I believe I am as good as anyone else and can achieve just as much.  She gave me confidence in myself and in what I could do.

I believe she is a good role model for women, for human rights and for life in general.  My mother loved to write poems about travellers and her life as a travelling woman.  She had a much harder life than I have had.  She had no education, she lived in tents with a very big family but she survived and had a great strength for life.