Liverpool Football Club by Royston

Liverpool Football Club By RoystonLiverpool is a city in the north-west of England.  Liverpool FC is their football team.  Football is a game with eleven players and three substitutes.  To play a game of football you need two teams.  You also need a referee and two linesmen.  A game of football lasts for ninety minutes but you can have three or four minutes of injury time added on.  Sometimes it can be longer, depending on how long a player is injured for.

Liverpool have won eighteen league titles, four European cups, two UEFA cups and one Super Cup in 1977.  Liverpool have also won five FA Cups but it has been ten years since they last won it.

FA Carling Premiership is the championship they are playing in at the moment and they are riding high in fourth place.  They’re playing well at the moment and their chances are good, because Jamie Redknapp and Michael Owen are both back from injury and are both fit and well.

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