By Tina Brady – 2022

reading a book

She read like an old book-

a sturdy spine, wrapped in

tough leather.

Displaying worn joints and

loosening hinges that were

apparent to the eye.

Sophisticated wear and tear

she wore it so well.

Complimenting the scents of

time that covered her body.

Her words were a symphony to

the senses, ranging notes of

every colour.

A captivating storyteller, she

was hypnotising and compelling every step, page and


Her history shrouded in mystery,

A walk down memory lane.

Nostalgic grooves caressed her

edges, she was a beauty to


Her magnetising words rose and

fell like music notes scribbled

on a manuscript.

Dancing through passages of time

long into the night.

Bittersweet conclusion lingered,

as she quietly departed with the

promise of another journey