Babysitting by Christina

Babysitting by ChristinaI like babysitting because I like little children very much.  Most Thursdays when my sister goes to the shopping centre to do her shopping I take care of my little nephew.  He is two years old.  His name is Dylan, he is a very good little fellow.

Sometimes he plays on his own.  Other times I show him pictures in a book and play with him.  He loves to pull out the pots and lids from the kitchen presses and bang them around.  He likes the noise.  He spins the lids around and enjoys watching them spinning.  When I take him out for a walk I make sure to put his straps on so that he won’t run out onto the road.

In all, I have five nieces and twelve nephews.  Some of them I don’t see very often but they are all very special to me.