Listen to me tell my story:

My name is Kathleen Ward I live in Coolock Northern Cross Belcamp Lane. I have three boys myself and three girls. In my mother and father’s family I have eight brothers and six sisters along with myself.

The sort of food we got was bacon, cabbage, potatoes in the skin, and corned beef, turnip, lovely stews, and eggs. She’d do eggs in the morning for our breakfast. That’s what I learned. I did it for my own kids the three boys and three girls.

The grandkids are different they want takeaways they wouldn’t settle for that food but I still make that food for myself I live alone. If my daughters are coming up they’re used to it. They’ll say hold me a bit of bacon and cabbage and stew. They’ll say are you doing bacon and cabbage and I’d say I wasn’t going to but I will. They love the cabbage and bacon and the turnip and the spuds all boiled together in the one pot. I’d have to make sure the girls were coming up before I’d put it on because I’d only take a plate.

My father was from Galway he lived a lot in Belfast during the time of the troubles he moved to Dublin, to Finglas, St Helena’s. We were there for a while and then moved to Coolock. I don’t remember travelling around, my older brothers and sisters would they travelled around Galway a lot. I don’t remember my granny. I’m not the youngest my sister Teresa is.